Hand History Lounge

Join Poker Pro/YouTube Vlogger Andrew Neeme and Las Vegas cash game pro Benton Blakeman in a friendly learning environment where members share their own hand histories and get professional advice and feedback. 


Benton or Andrew will always provide professional feedback within 24 hours, but often within 30-60 minutes.

interact with other players

Meet dozens of players who share your passion for poker. The lounge is like a family and members have created true friendships.


Share as many hand histories as you want. No more questioning how well or poorly you played a hand.


Most of our members have seen their results consistently improve. Many of our members have gone from losing players to regular crushers.

The Hand History Lounge is just that - a place to get your questions answered by poker pros Andrew and Benton along with input from other passionate group members, a growing community of poker players who enjoy learning together, and a fun place to be social with other poker players.

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Frequently asked questions

Benton Blakeman
Benton is a poker professional from Las Vegas, Nevada.  He has been playing professionally for the last 15 years and is a regular in the 5/10 No Limit game at Bellagio.  His coaching is theory based with additional emphasis on mixed strategies of incorporating exploitative lines when necessary to best increase his student’s win rates.  Benton’s poker life coaching revolves around making proper bankroll decisions, managing expenses, and making the most of your time on and away from the tables.

Andrew Neeme
You can usually find Andew in the live no-limit games around Las Vegas, with the occasional heavy dose of PLO online and a sprinkling of LA poker from time to time. Andrew gets a kick out of taking photos of his surroundings and editing them directly on the iPhone, so hit him up on Instagram and of course, check out his award winning vlog on Youtube.

The goal of this group is to create a friendly learning environment similar to the chat group that Andrew and Benton are members of, and that Andrew speaks about in his vlogs. Here, members will be able to share THEIR OWN hand histories that both Andrew and Benton will look over and critique, just as they do in their own text group. Imagine playing a big pot and being unsure of whether you played the hand correctly or not. Wouldn’t it be nice to text a higher limit winning player that hand and have them analyze YOUR HAND for you? Well now you can!  

Andrew stays extremely busy with his vlog and playing poker, and Benton plays 40-50 hours a week while still maintaining a family life with his wife and 8 year old son. When deciding what to charge, Andrew and Benton asked themselves a simple question: “How much would we pay a higher stakes winning reg to answer all our hand history questions in detail?” The truth is, a lot. Having someone to look at your own hands and not only tell you the best line to take, but explain the reason why in detail is extremely valuable. And so is Andrew and Benton’s time. But they also want to build a community and give back to the game that they both love. So, there are two pricing options:  

MONTHLY- $40/mo 
YEARLY- $400/year  

* These prices are subject to change.  Yearly memberships will be grandfathered in at their current rate. Month to month memberships will adjust the pay period when new pricing takes effect.

Always start by sending an email to us at [email protected] with your questions.  All emails will be answered daily.  

Posts will be answered at all different times, but the peak answering by the pros will be done from 2pm Pacific time until Midnight Pacific time.

You can add them but unless they are paying members they won’t be approved by the admins of the group.  We welcome all poker players but they must navigate here to http://www.handhistorylounge.com and choose a payment option for membership before being added to the group. 

Refer a friend and get two weeks free!  Just make sure they mention your name when they request to join the Lounge.

We sure would be sorry to see you leave, but we understand. Simply email [email protected] with your email and Facebook username to cancel.  Your membership will be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle.

If you go the Login option in the site menu you’ll see an option for “Lost your password?”  You’ll be asked to enter your email address and we’ll send you an email with further instruction to set your password.   


Since joining the Hand History Lounge I have experienced results I dreamed of, but didn’t know were possible. I went from break-even/small winner to winning over 14 big blinds per hour in a short period of time and have maintained that level for 1,000+ hours since. Getting feedback on hands from cash game crushers and peers is great, but the one-on-one training I’ve gotten from Benton has been the real difference maker. I’m proud to call him my coach, mentor and most importantly, friend. He and Andrew are two of the truly good guys in poker. HHL member for life!
DS - Vegas Regular

HHL has transformed me from a break-even poker player into a reliable $20+/hr winner in live 1/3 and 2/5 games and beginning to take profitable shots at 5/10. But perhaps even more satisfyingly, it’s given me an experience of poker as a team sport.  I have a poker family who all have my back, just as I have theirs.

DT - 1/3 Grinder
I had played cash games for years at the 1/3, 2/5 and 5/5 stakes and was not tracking my results. If I was to be honest with myself I was probably a break-even player at best. I was one of the original members of the lounge. I play mostly 5/5 and sometimes 5/10 and track all of my results. I’ve been a consistent winner making over $50/hour over 1000+ hours. I also cashed in the WSOP Main Event and several other WSOP events. I now have a close group of poker friends. Many have visited me at my home in Los Angeles and I have a group to get together with for drinks, dinner and poker when I visit Vegas!
SR - Los Angeles Regular
I found poker post-retirement and learned right away that the best players were part of a strong and smart poker community. My peers were not into poker so I started a search for a poker family. In the beginning, there was so much to read, and there were so many “pros” talking that I didn’t know what was worth listening to and what was not. If I made a decent poker connection it was difficult to maintain the level of interaction necessary to make steady gains. There were also some poor connections that did more harm than good to my game and my bottom line. When I joined the Hand History Lounge things turned around immediately. Benton is a proven winning player with an ongoing winning track record and understands the subtleties between $1/$2; $1/$3; $2/$5 and $5/$10+ nlhe; he also has the rare gift of being able to speak to each player’s level, no matter where our game is when we join the Lounge. Rotem and Andrew are also well-versed in the various nuances and are able to give great analysis. It’s a gift to cut out the chatter of thousands of opinions and to be able to trust that the feedback in the Lounge is sound. As our games improve, we support each other and new members. It’s a great poker family and every hand history gets a timely response while the hand is still fresh in my mind. It’s a joy to finally be a profitable player and to know that there is still plenty of growth for my game. The friendships rising up from the Lounge are an added bonus. I’m glad to be in this community – come join us.
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